Monday, June 30, 2008

Time to rest

Last weekend I had a blast. We traipsed around the farmer’s market, went golfing, planted flowers and played in the yard. Today my body crashed. I’ve not exercised today, nor have I missed it. Getting out of bed was a major accomplishment. I’ve also lifted and played with my two-year-old though I’ve become creative at finding quiet, low-impact things to do. Lots of drawing, play dough and reading. My body hurts and I’m tired and I knew I was headed for trouble even while I was picking sweet peas from the market bins. I overdid it and now I will pay. And you know what? It was worth it. I’ve long stopped feeling sorry for myself when I pay the price for doing what I want when I want. I spend much more time in a place of gratitude: I am so grateful, so fortunate that I can golf (though not well and I’m not above using the arthritis as an excuse for poor performance in this case) and that I can stroll along the market aisles and play with my kid. And while weeks like this one are tough, I know with some rest and time, I’ll be back. Sure, arthritis changes the way I do things and sometimes that means I can’t do all that I want. In those moments when my body requires me to be still and quiet – when I am forced to rest – I also have time to reflect on all that I do accomplish. So, while it takes away some things, arthritis has also given me others. In these mandatory cooling off periods, I finally slow down long enough to appreciate the things that sometimes go unnoticed. The days after my busy weekend have included a fair share of challenges and discomfort. Do I regret any moment of the fun or days following it? Nope.

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