Thursday, July 3, 2008

Seasonal health

Warm weather, strawberries off the vine, fresh melon and snap peas, long, light-filled days. These things have made it a whole lot easier to be active and healthier this summer. I feel like I’ve come out of my winter hibernation and, though my exercise routine hasn’t changed much, my activity level has doubled. I’m up earlier, feel more energized. I wander the market, plant flowers, play at the park with my daughter, plan picnics. I’m eating less and more of the good stuff naturally, because it’s all available and fresh at area farms. During the dark days of winter, I find myself wanting to chew through pounds of macaroni noodles covered in cheese or fill up on other carbs. This year I’m particularly aware of the change in my mood, energy level and eating habits – probably because I’m writing this Blog. I'm thinking about it more. But with that awareness comes the understanding that I don’t want to just be seasonally healthy. I want to feel good year round. Guess, I need to get a little more creative during the winter months and find ways to be active. Try new foods and exercise routines. Now is the time to start thinking about it, right after I eat this strawberry.

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