Thursday, July 17, 2008

Time for fun

I’m writing a story about the importance of play – about just having fun. Thing is, we are more likely to celebrate those who work all night, make big money, but rarely have fun than we are those that take time out to play. Should be just the opposite. Play stimulates our brains and our bodies. It improves our health. Leaves us feeling more optimistic and engaged in our lives. And physical movement is one of the triggers for play. I’m learning that even on those days when I don’t want to exercises, if I do it, if I just get up and move my innately playful qualities will begin to take over and my body and brain will respond in a way that is healthy and maybe even fun. Case in point: I was tired when I got up for my walk this a.m. My hip hurt the whole 30 minutes. I moved slowly. It was drudgery. But once I showered and poured a cup of coffee, I felt great. Relaxed, happy, light and lighthearted. Play has many earmarks – but it doesn’t always have to feel fun on the spot according to the experts. Sometimes it’s enough to be engaged in something working toward a higher goal, one that brings you satisfaction when you complete it. Practicing the piano isn’t always a kick, but playing well a year from now will be. Walking today was tough, but I’m more engaged and truly enjoying the other parts of my day, because I took that walk. One other thing, when I’m having fun, I hurt a whole lot less.

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