Friday, August 1, 2008

Good time off

Just got back from vacation – a week in central Oregon and then a trip to Mt. Hood, the state’s highest peak and part of the stunning Cascade Mountains.

I feel great. Relaxed, ready to return to work, connected to my family and myself and if anything those good feelings are a reminder at how far, how exhausted, how stressed I can become without regular time off. Or time away. Or sleep. Or meditation. Or regular exercise. All those things rejuvenate the body and the spirit and it takes a combination of the two to foster good health. Once you’re feeling good it’s easier to maintain the changes you’re trying to make. Success breeds success. When I’m feeling good, I’m motivated to do the things that help me feel even better. But in the daily crush of deadlines and diapers, I can lose site of it all. Vacation restored my vision. And reminded me that regular time off – even a few minutes of silence a day – can have restorative benefits. Now, I’ve got to make time to do it.

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