Monday, June 23, 2008

Family affair

Now with the longer days, I’m spending more time outside with my husband and daughter. It’s become part of our routine to take a walk together after dinner and I find that that has become as good for my soul as my body. It seems that we talk (when I’m not huffing and puffing) easier as we move along. We use the time to connect after our busy day and to talk about plans for the future or parenting strategies. We push our daughter in the stroller and we always make a point to thank her for “exercising” with us and reminding her how good it feels to be outside with your body moving. Hopefully, instead of viewing exercise as drudgery, she’ll grow up thinking of it as part of her normal routine. For me, these family walks are a chance to exercise my body and strengthen my relationships by spending quality time with both of the people in my life. This is one change that benefits everybody.

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