Saturday, June 7, 2008

More thoughts

Making a lasting change has become more about my mental strength than physical. Those are better odds anyhow, because while my body isn’t so sharp, my mind is, (or at least that’s what I like to think.) Eating well on the nights it would be easier to stop at Taco Bell, is a mental strength thing. Going for a walk, when I’m stiff and sore, is a mental thing. Sure, then I’ve got to figure out how to get my legs to move a mile through the neighborhood, but my body isn’t making the decisions. If my brain says “alright now, get moving” my body will follow. My mind is a tool, one that can help my body, so now it’s time I’ve started using more of it – rather than letting it use me. I’ve written, many times, about how we are the keeper of our thoughts. We choose what to believe, think, feel. And yet, there are days when I feel poorly. Or stressed. Or I think about how tired I am and how much I don’t want to exercise, or how I’ll never get in shape. Time for a little mental awareness. I wouldn’t eat a sandwich that the chef said would kill me, yet there are moments when I find myself filling my head with poisonous thoughts. So, today, and from now on, I’ll refocus and put to positive use the one part of my body that is already strong and healthy. While I become more aware of what I eat and put into my body, I’m also becoming more aware of what I put into my brain.

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