Thursday, May 29, 2008

Choices, both constant and conscious

Creating lasting change is about making choices – constantly. Will I eat the pepperoni pizza, or choose the baked chicken? Will I scarf down chips or go for the apples? Will I walk in the rain or watch t.v.? Everyday, we are forced to confront scores of choices and being aware of them is the key to making healthy changes. Often, we are moving so quick we don’t even remember what we had for lunch, let alone how it tasted. But slowing down for a minute, taking a deep breath, becoming present and consciously deciding which choice to make has been important. It’s helped me to become healthier physically, sure, but it’s also helped me become more aware, more engaged in my life. Sometimes I still do choose the pepperoni – and that doesn’t bother me a bit. Other days, I choose the asparagus and chicken. The key is that I’m aware of what I’m doing now. And I am using my thoughts to empower myself, instead of letting my thoughts run me. There is power in that.

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