Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lots of Change

2008 has unpacked a great deal of surprise changes. I haven't been able to post for some time because of the changes. Tina, my wife, and I were in a serious car accident in early March. Unfortunately my psoriatic arthritis flared badly after the accident. My rheumatologist and I tried hand therapy, something new for me, to lessen the swelling and pain in my right hand. It was helpful, and I learned a great deal about pacing myself, using tools that reduce the strain on my finger and wrist joints, and how to identify when I've pushed my joints to the limit.

Now that my flare from the accident has mostly subsided, I'm giving my exercise routine a boost. I've started using our elliptical more regularly - about 20-30 minutes each night. I'm also taking a stand against the tempting foods in our fridge. To help me watch my weight, I've started using shopping lists and refusing to put unhealthy items on the list. So far this year I've noticed my desire to buy those items has decreased and sticking to the list has helped.

Gas prices have put a small damper on our traveling plans for the summer. Luckily we live only 5 minutes from a great state park! When it hasn't been raining, we've been enjoying some hikes and picnics at the park. My parents even gave us a season pass to the Indiana state parks. So now there's no excuse to not get outside and enjoy the summer.

A couple of unexpected changes are going on this year. Tina is pregnant with our first child, and we are overjoyed! Secondly, I was recently hired as a special education at a local school district. I will be spending my summer planning for these changes and hope for the best.

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