Friday, January 4, 2008

More Changes for 2008 than Expected

Today was my school district's final weekday of winter vacation. Before going back to school to teach my students, I decided to get the whole house cleaned up as a surprise for Tina, my wife, while she's at work. Instead of working my tail off all morning, I decided to take some breaks between chores. It worked out well. The house is spotless, and I'm not as exhausted as I am usually when plowing through my chores with no breaks.

My workout on our elliptical is going smoothly. I've increased my duration to 15-20 minutes, depending on how my knees and hips feel. I can usually get up to the second level of resistance. An artic chill that swept over Indiana this past week kept us indoors, but I was able to walk on the elliptical twice. The temperatures are suppose to be near spring-like this weekend. Tina and I hope to get outside with Rio, our dog, to take several walks through our neighborhood.

I'd love to say that I was able to stay clear of all those holiday treats, but I ate more than I had hoped. It wasn't easy being home during my winter break. I tried to spread out my errands throughout the week in order to get out of the house at least once a day. That kept me from being tempted to snack, but I tasted chocolates and cookies whenever I was home - not a good start to eating healthier in 2008.

While I'm monitoring my eating and walking, an unexpected change for 2008 popped up. I learned that the middle school where I teach will be closing after this school year. Currently, it's impossible for me to know what school I will transfer to in the fall, but I am worried about the decision, as are my coworkers. I'm hoping to keep my stress level low during the months to come as my transfer is worked out with the school district.

This unexpected change will make for an interesting 2008. I hope that while I focus on transfering to a new school, my New Year's resolutions (living a more active lifestyle and eating healthier) will not be ignored.

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