Friday, January 25, 2008

Keep at it

I feel so torn for time this week. I’m behind in work, due to a family flu virus and ill babysitter. My car broke down, requiring a couple of trips to the shop and a tow. I started a new writing class this week with homework and I’m trying to fit in my regular workout. It’s not happening – or at least it’s not happening regularly. My daily walks have been sporadic. With the 25 degree cold and wind it’s just too cold to be outside right now and I’ve only made it to the club once in the last three days.
I’m not giving up. Psychologists who specialize in change recommend planning for these kind of obstacles, the things that will inevitably come up and get in your way to keep you from your goal. I thought about these weeks filled with craziness that could derail my exercise even before I started my health changes. And that has helped. Instead of getting ultra-discouraged and feeling that all is lost, I had a mental game plan. I won't go more than two days in a row without at least 20 minutes of exercise and that is something I can hold to.
My busy life is no harder or busier than anyone else’s busy life. It’s just a matter of picking priorities. My workout is becoming more of a priority and I’ve noticed that I actually miss it on those days when it doesn't happen. I don’t feel as energetic and I catch myself uncharacteristically looking forward to the next walk.
But when I have to choose between caring for a sick baby, or meeting a work deadline that pays the bills – those two come first. I’m just trying to remind myself that a couple of missed days, doesn’t end the effort I've put in this month. I'm not quitting. It’s nothing more than a couple of missed days. I’ll wake up tomorrow with a plan to go to the gym and the knowledge that all is not lost. And I’ll just keep going.

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