Friday, January 18, 2008

Cutting back not out

I had a piece of wheat toast, lathered with low-fat ricotta cheese and tomato slices on top for breakfast today. I read somewhere that the open-faced sandwich was a “light-and-quick meal” for “people-on-the-go.” And I do buy into the buzz words. The breakfast was tasty and surprisingly filling and I feel good that I am seeking out foods that are quick to prepare and healthy to eat. My big excuse for eating junk has always been – “I didn’t have time to cook.”
But if I can’t find the time to spread cheese on a piece of bread life has turned way too crazy.
Yesterday, though, I did have a small bite of dark chocolate – small amounts of chocolate are good for you, right? And, sometime this weekend I may have Chinese food because I’m craving it. I’m not going to cut out all the foods that I enjoy and I’m not calling my healthier eating choices a diet. I’m open to eating what I want, when I want. But what I’m finding is, that as I continue to exercise, it gets easier to eat well. And if I have healthier options around, I’m more likely to eat them – oranges, pretzels, yogurt -- than the chips, which I no longer buy. I’m also eating more fruits and vegetables and smaller portions of everything. I freak out at the thought of cutting things out, so for me it feels better to talk in terms of limiting rather than eliminating. It’s been two weeks since I started, and it finally feels like I’m in a manageable routine.

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