Sunday, February 3, 2008

Less than perfect

I’d like to say that I rebounded from my infrequent week of workouts, and stayed on a consistent routine this week, eating healthily, walking regularly, but I didn’t. And I’ve got a long list of excuses why. Thing is, none of that matters. Excuses won't help my health. I came up against some obstacles and they beat me only a month into the New Year. I didn’t eat horribly – just more red meat than I originally planned. And I didn’t exercise at all. I do feel slightly guilty and disappointed, but, mostly I'm working on staying positive. Beating myself up only makes it harder to make changes, according big-wig behavior experts. I also need to remember that a week off isn’t a reason to give up. So, today I regrouped. I will walk tomorrow. I’ve already scheduled the time and my husband will take care of the baby and any other household craziness while I spend an hour exercising. I’ve laid out my clothes, including my waterproof jacket. Put my shoes by the door. I’ve taken steps to make it easy for me to get out and get moving – no matter which excuses threaten to derail me. Hopefully, my determination and planning will help keep me on track. Tune in next week.

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