Saturday, February 16, 2008

Making some moves

If you’re looking at a list of my favorite activities you won’t see ice skating, or even roller skating on it. These old bones don’t like to fall.

Running is another one of those to-be-avoided activities – unless I have to chase after my toddler – which quite frankly it seems that I do most of the time now.

Also not included on the “things-I-like-to-do” list – shopping. It’s true that I love nice new clothes. But the physical effort of wandering across the hard floors of the mall, trying things on and working to keep my ankles from exploding takes way too much energy. I tend to get in and get what I need and get out within an hour.

Just so happens, in fact, that the activities I enjoy the most require, well, very little activity. On my list of favorites you’ll find reading, writing, good conversation over a long dinner out. I love to travel – and usually do some hiking and sightseeing so that clearly involves some movement. And I’m a big golfer. For the number of strokes I tally and the extra yards I cover while walking to find my ball the sport becomes almost an aerobic workout.

But looking at my list you can clearly see a trend – I don’t like to move much. For fun or otherwise. I prefer to use the remote, park close and have my husband take out the garbage. But that’s not at all good for my body. And, if I’m honest, it’s downright lazy.

So, in addition to my daily workout, I’ve decided to look for ways of incorporating more movement into my life. I’m not talking another hour of exercise. I’m just talking about three minutes of stretches for every hour I sit in front of the computer. I’m parking further away from the store now, so I get a few extra steps in. When I’m down on the floor playing with my daughter, I manage to sneak in a few sit-ups (very few). I’m walking to the mailbox, instead asking my husband to pick up the post. Mostly I’m just building my awareness and looking for ways to retain the strength and movement that I have left in this stiff body by adding activity back into my list of daily activities. What do you do to keep moving? How do add activity and energy to your daily life?

Let me know, I'd love to hear about it, in the meantime, I’ve got some stretches to do.

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