Thursday, December 20, 2007

Preparing for the New Year

As the New Year approaches, I'm quickly realizing that my goals are becoming more important. After Thanksgiving, I’ve noticed I’ve packed on a few more pounds, which I’ve felt in my right heel and knee, a couple of the joints affected by my psoriatic arthritis. I'm hoping to help reduce some of those holiday pounds by changing my lifestyle to one that is more active. Since Indianapolis has been hit hard by winter weather lately, I've found it difficult to get outside and walk with and without Rio, our Papillion pup.

Achieving change has been tough, but I’m trying. I used our elliptical machine once last week. I keep it on the lowest level and use it for a short time, about 10 minutes. My hope is to continue using it as the weather stays cold and nasty. As long as I start out easy and keep the sessions brief (at least initially), I think I'll be OK. I like our elliptical much better than treadmills because of the low-impact it has on my hip and knees. Maybe I'll try this simple workout twice a week.

While I'm waiting for the weather to get warmer and nicer for my wife and I to start camping again, a new goal of mine is to keep a watchful eye on everything I eat this holiday season. I remember the days when my grandparents kept snack foods out all the time when visiting for the holidays. When I bring paperwork home from the middle school where I’m a special education teacher, I often feel the need to snack. I want to keep this urge under control, and I think my wife will be quite supportive in achieving this goal. Until my next post, here's to healthy eating and more exercising in 2008.

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