Sunday, December 30, 2007

The plan is in place

I’m writing my plan to eat healthier and exercise. I know that a plan and a set start date will enhance my chances for success. But I’m struggling a bit with all this and even feeling a built guilty. While I’m focused on the healthy lifestyle changes I want to make come January, I’m also in holiday mode, eating ALL of the celebratory foods. Onion dip and chips, my mom’s deviled eggs, port-wine cheese balls and the cranberry-orange biscotti dropped off by a friend. So while I’m contemplating the frequency that I plan to eat fish in January, I’m filling up on junk. I could start my healthier goals now. Right?
I am doing better at some things. I plan our weekly meals ahead, now, and buy all the groceries at one time. After a frantic day, I have the ingredients to cook up something quickly, instead of being tempted toward take out. But I’m not ready to make the other changes yet. I don’t want to add exercise to my day during a time when I have Christmas decorations to put away, bowl games to watch and , end-of-the-year deadlines to meet. But I’m getting closer. I want to feel stronger and have more energy. I want to be healthier. So, come Wednesday, no more excuses. Instead of talking about it, I’ll start making the changes. And you know what? I'll be ready.

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