Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cutting the chaos

Felt some stress this week. Juggling too many things – family issues, work, daycare and all the household family responsibilities that we all have. It got to me. I had trouble sleeping. My pain was more intense. I felt hungry all the time, though my stomach was also upset. And it hit me: this kind of life chaos is one of my obstacles. When I wrote about ways to make lasting changes in January’s edition of Arthritis Today one thing I noted was the importance of identifying and preparing for obstacles. Obstacles will come up, say the experts. Those who are committed to change, plan for them ahead of time and put a coping mechanism in place before they ever come up. Life is filled with crazy, unpredictable moments that can thwart your efforts to eat well and exercise or do the other things that are good for you. I know, that for me, too much noise in life – too much craziness, busyness, messiness, – can cause me to stop making healthy choices. I need moments of silence. When I can be still in mind and in spirit. When I can stop and give thanks, breathe and come back into myself. I did that this morning. I got up before the others. Drank coffee in silence. Did not read. Did not watch t.v. Did not look over my “To Do” list. I sat quietly, drank my coffee, and when it was gone, I sat still. I gave thanks. I prayed. I rested. And after 15 minutes I felt renewed.

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Cathy said...

Awesome. Being healthy, whether with food or lessening your load of stress, does take planning. I have found that it helps tremendously with my RA and well worth the time. Cathy