Friday, April 4, 2008

The focus on food

This weekend, we’re celebrating my sister’s birthday. As is tradition in my family, she gets to choose her dessert of choice, and we’ll celebrate with a special meal. Like most American families, many of our celebrations include special, often fattening foods. When it comes to my party, I’m on board with that, already looking forward to the berry pie I’ll request this summer.
But I’m a parent now, and I’m becoming much more conscious about what I eat and how I teach my daughter about food.
I’m also aware that it takes a lot of creative thinking to come up with fun ways to celebrate that don’t involve eating. Think about it. How many times have you planned to visit with friends over dinner? Rewarded yourself with a meal out after a hard week at work? Grabbed an ice cream cone on the way home from the kids’ baseball game.
Food is part of the regular routine and it’s part of some of the best moments of our lives. I’m finding it to be a challenge to come up with new ideas, fun activities and rewards that don’t focus on it.
Yet, since I’m working to make healthy changes in my life, a major part of that is to change the way I think about my life. I’m not going to turn away a piece of pie on my birthday, but maybe the celebration this year will also include a morning walk or an activity with friends instead of making it all about the meal.

What are some healthy ways you celebrate life's big occasions? Let me know.

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