Friday, March 28, 2008

Done with drive- thrus

I did follow my plan last week and found myself getting up from the computer more often to stretch my stiffening joints and muscles. Guess what? It worked. My body moved better all week, even after my walks. This week I’m going to add even more activity, not by increasing the time I spend exercising, but by being more active during the day.
Instead of asking my husband to get the mail, I will walk across the street to pick it up. I will park farther away from the grocery store entrance and cover more ground just getting to the door. I will dance more often with my daughter.
Sure, these are simple ways to build in more movement, yet they are just as easily avoided thanks to drive-thru windows, door-to-door deliveries and on-line ordering. On tough days when I’m hurting, I love those conveniences. But there are many days when I simply rely on them because it’s easy and I’m lazy.
So, I’ll make more of an effort to move. Starting now.
I’m off to Target. Raindrops are bouncing off the windows and walkways and the thought of taking the long way through the parking lot to the front door isn’t appealing. But I’ll do it anyhow. Hey, maybe I’ll even jump a couple of puddles.

--What about you? What tips, tricks, strategies do you use to keep moving today and everyday?

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